貴船保育園Kifune Nursery School

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This is a reconstruction project for a nursery school whose yard is located under a highway junction. The garden is conveniently sheltered from the rain and the summer sun, but the school building was imagined to be dark because the expressway blocked the sunlight. In order to secure brightness in the school building, it was difficult to set up the openings and allocate the rooms. We set the openings in detail, set the kitchen in a place where it was difficult to secure brightness, and arranged the rooms to be gradually brightened for children aged 0 to 5 years old. We were able to realize a preschool building with brightness in each room according to need. In addition, the courtyard between the garden under the highway and the garden facing the road is a semi-outdoor space with sash windows on one side only. By doing so, we created a playground that is not cold in winter, sheltered from the sun in summer, and protected from the rain. The exterior was designed by Saikai Engei, the sign by Blue Moon Design Office, and the courtyard dirt mound by Omae Sakan. ASANO2-6-16-3F,KOKURAKITA-KU,KITAKYUSHU-SHI,FUKUOKA,802-0001,JAPAN Copyright@FURUMORI KOICHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO All right reserved.