正行寺門徒会館・納骨堂Shogyoji Monto-kaikan / Nokotsudo

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This is a project for a Jodo Shinshu temple. The adjacent main building, erected in 1963, is a two-story structure with the main hall on the first floor and the ossuary on the second floor. Sixty years had passed since its completion, and the inability of many Monto to visit the ossuary had been a longstanding concern of the temple. Therefore, a new building equipped with an elevator was constructed on an adjacent site to provide barrier-free access to the existing ossuary. The large eaves to protect the exterior walls were a technique learned from traditional temple architecture, and the eaves are supported by stainless steel fins. By using stainless steel in its solid state instead of in panel form, we aimed to create a sense of purity through the rhythm of solid wood, as seen in wooden architecture. After the completion of the temple construction, the sight of the Monto singing, gathering, and talking in the hall for Monto gave us a sense of the role and possibilities required of temple architecture in the future. The stainless steel design was made by TOYO STAINLESS POLISH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. ASANO2-6-16-3F,KOKURAKITA-KU,KITAKYUSHU-SHI,FUKUOKA,802-0001,JAPAN Copyright@FURUMORI KOICHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO All right reserved.