みかど食堂Mikado Cafeteria

03 02 01


During the preservation repair work of Mojiko Station, which is a national cultural heritage property, the western style restaurant inside of the building called "Mikado" was once relocated. Due to the rule of cultural property that does not allow the interior elements to be modified, our focus was on the window lattice and the waist wall mirrors, which are become the architectural characteristic of that era, and its reflected in the furniture design. In addition, the furniture was required to be lightweight so that it could be easily moved, by local technology of Tsuchi Co., Ltd.) the heavy-weight design modified by the use of aluminum. We hope that the space created with the local advanced metalworking technology will resonate with Mr. Yoshihiro Narusawa's cookings. ASANO2-6-16-3F,KOKURAKITA-KU,KITAKYUSHU-SHI,FUKUOKA,802-0001,JAPAN Copyright@FURUMORI KOICHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO All right reserved.