えそらガーデンesola garden

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We received a request from an organic cosmetics company said that: "Not sure about the function but we want to build something that will become company's identity." Even after having some meetings, we still have some difficulties to find out the characteristic of this company. If they tried to make concept of completely pesticide-free they can’t get a lot of benefit. For that reason, we wanted to share such a dilemma with all of employees with the theme "A place to keep thinking together". No building around the site, with the strong sunlight of Miyazaki area, we decide to put a big roof to block the solar radiation then create a space under. We established walls and roofs that become the earthquake resistant elements, supporting the vertical and horizontal which are responsible for its respective roles to support each other. ASANO2-6-16-3F,KOKURAKITA-KU,KITAKYUSHU-SHI,FUKUOKA,802-0001,JAPAN Copyright@FURUMORI KOICHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO All right reserved.