みんなの家Minnna no ie

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In the workshop design stage, the clients were having fun a lot with us. At that time "eating" was became our conversation topic many times. For that reason, we think about the possibility of a temporary community creation by this simple act. Firstly, we did the site visit and inspired to revive the cooking class (centralized big kitchen space) which was suspended before. Then we made big veranda for a cozy eating space. We designed the multifunction veranda which still can be used even in the rainy day, activity for motherhood community such as place where the child's playground is clearly seen. Finally, big kitchen for cooking surrounded by dining space become main concept of this community center which we called everyone's house. ASANO2-6-16-3F,KOKURAKITA-KU,KITAKYUSHU-SHI,FUKUOKA,802-0001,JAPAN Copyright@FURUMORI KOICHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO All right reserved.