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It was founded in Genroku 10 years (1697) and is a monastery of a temple engraving a history of more than 300 years.
It was once an area with many farmers, but with the development of Kitakyushu Industry in the period of high growth, it became a bed town,
Currently, the supply of graves and pelvic beds has come to be demanded. While observing the neighboring shrine,
The concerned parties began to have doubts about the difference in size and the difference in amount on the bone pedestal located in the same temple.
So the priesthood decided that there was no disparity as one of the subjects, and did not set up the main honor on the floor of the bone pier We realized a center core type plane without "upper and lower (gimmick)". Also, here is a theme that can withstand 100 years of use. The exterior wall was made a high-performance precast concrete board, a self weight was applied to the outer wall, and aimed at a structure hard to crack. Also, by eliminating pillars and applying a load to the walls, a space without pillars was realized. It is planned to respond to future layout change and usage change. The PCa boards are alternately arranged and slits are provided so that they do not interfere with each other at the time of an earthquake. Soft light coming from the slit, depending on the time, various concrete boards with combing finish
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